Friday, February 14, 2014

Blogging memories...

Even though my blogging days are over I wanted to do an official last post. From the start to the finish about my bogging days.

It all started when my sister Alanna was searching online about innerstaru (when it first came out). She stumbled upon american girl fan.That's like the most popular doll blog ever, so you've probably heard of it. We both had two dolls; I had Felicity (Historical) and Lanie (GOTY 2010) and Alanna had Ann (just like me, possibly retired) and Chrissa (GOTY 2009). We decided to open up our own blog, and called The Dollightful Blog.

After a while we decided to open personal blogs. I made Everything I love and she made The Everything Blog. I started following a lot of other doll blogs and made tons of blog friends. After a while I made Pink Pansies (I know such an awkward name) and later changed it to Magically Meg and I gave it up a fairytale type theme.

I don't know why I did this and it's one of my biggest blogging regrets, but  I decided to quite The Dollightful Blog. (WHAT???) I guess I wanted to make Six Dolls, Six Times The Fun (aka The Dolls of Innerstar Central) even though I could have kept both.

After that I opened up E-Pals 4 Dolls so that dolls could have email pals. It was really fun and it was actually inspired by Pen Pals for Bloggers (couldn't find a link).

I absolutely LOVED making blog designs, posters, ect. so I created Dazzling Design Studio. It was slow it first but then it got up and running and I was overwhelmed! So I "hired" a few fellow bloggers to help me out.

I'm not exactly sure when I made it, but I loved reading blogs with multiple girls like Six Faraway Friends (which is now Seven Faraway Friends) so I emailed so girls and we created Forever Friends: Friendship Diaries where we had a subject each week and we would all do a post.

Then I stopped posting randomly, I guess I really wasn't in the mood (blogger's block you could say). I tried to do it more but I just couldn't keep up. I just wanted to tell all my followers, blog firneds, family and everyone who's reading this that this has been amazing and I'll miss blogging dearly. You've all been so supportive and such good friends to me. Farewell.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My dad.

My dad. 
By Meg Bailey--Dedicated to my dad.

My dad makes me glad when I'm very sad.
He helps me too become strong and not too be wrong.
He makes me smile and smile, and makes me want to run for miles and miles.
We also like to play, and he lets me do things my way!
I really love my dad for being their for me.

Happy Father's day, and have a good week!


Monday, June 3, 2013

Last week...

This is a post looking back on last week for what I did.

Monday-- Memorial Day: I went to a memorial day service, with my family. Then we came home and Alanna's friend came over, we went on a long bike ride all along the neighborhood. It was really fun but it was super hot! So,once got got back we had ice cream sandwiches and we decided to watch a movie.  It was the secret of moonacre and it was REALLY good!I 100% recommend it (it's on Netflix instant Que) . We were outside a lot later too and it was super fun.

Tuesday--Hmm... Come to think of it I can't really remember what we did on Tuesday. Does that ever happen to you? Sorry! I'll try to remmeber for this week.

Wednesday-- Piano: I had piano in the morning and it was really cool. If you check my summer bucketlist on Magically Meg, you'll see I wanted to learn the complete Harry Potter theme. Well... I'm almost their! She gave me the last two pages and I'm still learning them but They should be down by next week. That was the main thing I did, but I do have some piano homework I still have to do :P so... I should probably do it after this post...

Thursday-- In the afternoon we took a trip down to this place with a lake and shops and a playground and stuff. (Okay, very general but I can't say where...). We met my best friend and her family at the lake but sadly it was closed off. But... we still got to go to the park! It was super fun me and my best friend were on the swings most the time talking. We ended up staying their until like ten! When we got home me and Alanna (my sister) camped out in the backyard. it was super fun! 

Friday-- On Friday, (upon waking up in the tent), my bestie came over (I'm going to call her that so it's easier) and she stayed until four. First we had a lot of fun just talking in the tent. Then we went to the tire swing; we were outside for a while before coming in. We decided to watch a show because we were tired out. We watched a few episodes of H20: Just add water (Also on Netflix instant Que). Then we went out side and read/drew (she was drawing some of our flowers, I was rereading Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire). then we decided to get on (Do you have an account? If so comment and I'll add you). What we like doing is going window shopping in all the stores and see what we want, then play a ton of games to save up. We ended up getting matching hairstyles (they were super cute!). And that rounds up that day. (Wow! I think that was the longest...)

Saturday-- We went swimming! We went with my cousin (she's Alanna's age), and our other friend (the one we played with on memorial day), it was supper fun! (I know... I say that about everything.) I jumped off the low dive three times, I love that feeling of falling onto the water! It's so cool. (I refrained myself from typing "It was super fun!" Lol) then we went to this really yummy Mexican restaurant, the food was great!

Sunday-- We went to church in the morning and I had a really good lesson (as usual). We we got home my dad made cinnamon roles. He made the origianl ones (for Alanna and my brothers, who don't like berries) and then raspberry ones (for my parents and me). And they were the best! (In fact I'm eating one as I type :D) then we watched the new good luck Charlie episode. (Do you watch that show? It's really good!) 

So yeah, that rounds up this week. I hope you enjoyed (and didn't get bored out) reading this post!


New email//IMPORTANT

Most of you probably know, but I changed my email. I'll still check my other one for a week just in case. Also, I'll still use my google plus and blogger accounts.